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  • The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has released name and address of 1,462 applicants seeking 73 new medical marijuana dispensary licenses.
  • 38 were in Coshocton for a region that got 101 applicants overall. It includes Coshocton, Morgan and Muskingum counties.
  • If a facility is awarded in Coshocton it will be at 115 N. Second St., home of the former Family Video.
  • Coshocton has one dispensary now, The Ohio Cannabis Company, which is being sold to Ascend Wellness Holdings.

COSHOCTON — Almost 40 companies have filed for a medical marijuana dispensary license for a facility to be located in Coshocton.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy recently released the company names and addresses for 1,462 applicants for 73 dispensary licenses to be awarded in the coming months.

About 230 entities submitted applications, with 16 submitting more than 10 applications each. A district containing Coshocton, Muskingum and Morgan counties was fifth overall with 101 licenses applied for, 38 were in Coshocton. Application cost was $5,000 each. 

The district has one dispensary now and one more will be added. The current dispensary is The Ohio Cannabis Company, 23024 County Road 621, Suite 1. It was announced in November that OCC was being sold to Ascend Wellness Holdings, a Boston-based company that had acquired a cultivator in Monroe County and a dispensary in Carroll County. 

At the time, co-owner Brian Wingfield said they would use the money to apply for more dispensary licenses in the future. 

“Our thought was if we can take this one and apply for more and get two, we could be helping more people than we could with just the one store,” Wingfield previously said.

Each of the Coshocton companies listed the address as 115 N. Second St. This is the former location of the closed Family Video. It’s a plaza that includes Cheap Tobacco and Little Caesar’s Pizza. 

Closed Family Video locations accounted for 43 applications in Dayton, 32 in Springfield, 31 in Tiffin and 27 in Delphos. Ten locations were listed as the site in 20 or more applications.

Applications will be reviewed to ensure they meet requirements for operations, security and other regulations. The licenses will be awarded by lottery, with a certain number allocated for each dispensary district containing a county or group of counties. The board issued 58 licenses from the initial round of applications submitted in 2017.

Citizen Real Estate LLC, which does business as Klutch Cannabis, submitted the most applications with 73, followed by Nectar Markets of Ohio LLC with 38 applications and Hempnotize LLC with 37. All submitted for Coshocton. 

The companies submitted for Coshocton were Hempnotize LLC, Audacious OH LLC, B Cubed Operations Ohio LLC, BSCC LLC, Buzzed Ventures LLC, C21 Ohio Inc., Cannavitz Ventures LLC, Citizen Real Estate LLC, Community Greenhouse Ohio LLC, Culture Retail Partners of Ohio Inc., Curaleaf OGT Inc., Curio Holdings OH LLC, Elevated Growth OH LLC, Empowered Healing LLC, GF Ohio LLC, GNCO LLC, GreenBud LLC, Harvest Light, LLC, Healing Through Cannabis LLC, Higher Feeling LLC, InspiredOhio LLC, LMTT LLC, Loomin LLC, Mani Group LLC, Marimed OH LLC, Natures OH LLC, Natures Provider LLC, Nectar Markets of Ohio LLC, Ohio Griz LLC, Ohio Holistic Health LLC, Ohio Valley MMD LLC, OTC Ohio LLC, Pristine Oasis LLC, QS Ohio LLC, SIMPLE AG OHIO LLC, Sizzle Cannabis LLC, Tree Market LLC and Tru Roots LLC

The Cincinnati Enquirer contributed to this story. 

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