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Governor Tim Walz is calling in reinforcements from the Department of Defense. Because the surge in COVID cases is overwhelming the staff at some hospitals, the department of Defense is sending in emergency medical workers for the Hennepin County Medical Center and Centra Care, which runs the St. Cloud Hospital.

We are sure there are doctors and nurses in hospitals throughout the state who are feeling overwhelmed as well, who could use some reinforcement.

Perhaps the DOD can’t provide enough emergency medical workers to give all of them a break. But we can all do something for those who have been working heroically to combat the disease.

We have read news stories about medical staff who have noticed a big difference in the way people react to their efforts. When the COVID pandemic started, they were applauded, treated like heroes, thanked for their care and concern.

Today, however, they are as likely to get insults, accusations and even threats from people who are afraid of the disease and don’t understand what medical personnel can and cannot do. They want miracles, and think doctors aren’t doing enough when they don’t get them. They want prescriptions for whatever medicine the latest internet thread says is a sure cure and get mad when doctors say they can’t have it.

We need to appreciate our health care workers for the dedicated service they provide, and let them know we do.

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