Google has built an AI that can answer medical questions. However, it’s not as good as a human doctor and the company says it cannot yet perform safely in the real world

Technology 20 January 2023

A laptop sits on a desk, opened to the homepage for the search engine Google. A person's hands enter from the left, with one hand's fingers placed on the laptop's keyboard.

Google’s medical AI can answer common medical questions entered in search engines.

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Google has built the best artificial intelligence yet for answering medical questions. The Med-PaLM AI can answer multiple-choice questions from medical licensing exams and common health queries on search engines with greater accuracy than any previous AI and almost as well as human doctors.

Alan Karthikesalingam and his colleagues at Google first started working with an AI the company developed called PaLM, which was trained on a wide range of text types, including online documents, books and Wikipedia, …

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